Gary Downey Founder Of Restaurant Vantage

25 Years of Experience in Restaurant Marketing & Consulting

Restaurant marketing has become much more complicated with the coming of the digital age. Those in charge of promotions and generating new business face both tough and interesting challenges. Customers now have a dizzying array of possible options and restaurants to visit. Every restaurant is competing for customer attention beyond its physical location.


People break bread together for a million reasons, and when they do, your food goes from something people just eat to the centerpiece of experiences.


Our job here at Restaurant Vantage is to translate that into the digital world, creating a deeper bond built around your food online before customers even reach your door. When you combine the power of food with the power of the digital age you have a recipe for more traffic, more customers, and higher ticket averages.


We provide a comprehensive suite of digital marketing services built specifically for restaurants that can be applied collectively or independently to achieve your objectives.


Sophisticated targeting means together we can reach the right people in the right place at the right time.


We will implement a highly efficient deployment of resources that will achieve tangible and measurable results for maximum ROI.


When you hire Restaurant Vantage you hire a complete team of competent individuals all experts in the given area of expertise. And, we only work with a set number of clients at a time. We do not take on every restaurant establishment that contacts us.


Gary Downey
Founder of Restaurant Vantage

Consulting Service





Looking at Things Differently

For many restaurants, a marketing plan just sort of evolves. Owners try one thing and move on to the next, without strategic direction. I can help build a comprehensive marketing plan to fit your budget regardless of size. I offer a free one hour consultation session.

90-Day Jump Start

I Leverage my Experience

My 90-Day jump start marketing plan is a marketing strategy on steroids. It's designed to take your restaurant to the next level of online exposure in record time. Regardless of the size of your restaurant, this plan has a proven track record for restaurants of all sizes.

Do It Yourself

Have A Limited Budget?

Use our unique marketing platform built specifically for restaurants. You'll be amazed what it can do for $89 per month. We'll even give to you free for 30-days to try out. If after 30-days you are not convinced of it's value you owe us nothing.