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The Best place to hide something is on the 2nd page of Google Search

SEO For Restaurants

The Internet has changed the way businesses attract customers. The one industry that stands to gain or lose the most is the restaurant industry. Maximizing online visibility is critical to maintaining long-term sustainability as a restaurant. For any Restaurant to grow, they need a consistent flow of new customers. Far too many restaurants, particularly small restaurants, believe that an online presence isn't required to grow their business. This misconception is mainly due to a misguided view of how consumers choose their next restaurant. Restaurant SEO must be part of a restaurant's marketing plan. Regardless of their size, restaurants need SEO to survive in this most competitive space. Only three restaurants will make it on the first page of Google for their given search term. To say the competition is fierce is an understatement.

Once upon a time, a hungry customer would likely find a new restaurant via the yellow pages, by driving by, or a recommendation. When was the last time you looked in the yellow pages for a restaurant? Potential customers now turn to the Internet to find their new favorite restaurant. The time it takes to search for a place to eat is limited by how fast one can type, thanks to the lighting speed of search engines.

The importance of mobile search as the most popular form of finding any information has made the importance of local SEO for restaurants of the utmost importance. More important than ever for restaurants, big and small. With almost 85% of all local restaurant searches starting on a mobile device, it is crucial to recognize the value of ranking in the top 3 search results. In some cases, it is the key to restaurant survival. Someone will occupy those top three results. The question you need to ask is will it be your restaurant?

Contact us, and we will conduct a free no-obligation audit of the current ranking status of your website. You'll get a complete detailed report and a free 30-minute consultation on how to increase quality traffic to your restaurant's website.

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Looking at Things Differently

For many restaurants, a marketing plan just sort of evolves. Owners try one thing and move on to the next, without strategic direction. I can help build a comprehensive marketing plan to fit your budget regardless of size. I offer a free one hour consultation session.

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Leverage my Experience

My 90-Day jump start marketing plan is a marketing strategy on steroids. It's designed to take your restaurant to the next level of online exposure in record time. Regardless of the size of your restaurant, this plan has a proven track record for restaurants of all sizes.

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Have A Limited Budget?

Use our unique marketing platform built specifically for restaurants. You'll be amazed what it can do for $89 per month. We'll even give to you free for 30-days to try out. If after 30-days you are not convinced of it's value you owe us nothing.